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We had our eighth Tai Chi class last today in the River Park again next to the Caravan Park on the Lachlan River. The number of participants is usually more than a dozen now. I continue to send out email list reminders on the weekend for the Monday morning classes and also updating the calendar as appropriate:

LEV Calendar

One of Tai Chi participants, Marilyn, who has had previous Tai Chi experience, actually led the class once when John was not available. After a bit of chatting it turns out that she also runs a “Laughter Yoga” class! I had of this idea before but had never actually been involved - I asked her to describe it for this post:

“Laughter Yoga is A unique fun filled wellness class which combines unconditional laughter, triggered by playful exercises, with yogic breathing. There are no yoga poses.”

She said it is suitable for almost everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

The comment that interested me the most was:

“It will lift your mood, reduce your stress levels and leave you feeling happy, calm and energised.”

Since I am constantly battling anxiety and depression, this sounded particularly interesting for me. Once the first house is finished in the LEV, I would like Marilyn to run classes there but at the moment she can be found at:

Saturday mornings 9am Brougham Park

Contact Marilyn for details 6342 6447