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Progress Photos and Videos

Still Shots of Everything

Shots of the Site and Factory Construction

Google Photos - LEV Progress

Google Photos - LEV Tai Chi

Videos on YouTube

Time-lapse and other videos

YouTube - LEV Progress

The Big Picture

See this Google Street View to get a 360 degree panoramic view of most of the block:

From the end of Saje Court - the Village wraps around here.

First House

The siting of the first the first house changed a couple of times but this is the final position looking South West. It is not the highest position on the block but it still has a pretty good view looking South and to the hills in the West.

alt text


This is a nice Winter morning shot looking from the street to the East of where the first House will be.

alt text

Short Video of the Whole Site - Pre Construction

Walking from Cowra Hospital, up Brisbane Street and into the block from the South-East corner.


Time Lapse Video of House 1 Site being Cleared

Interesting few minutes and set to Beethoven!


Time Lapse Video of House Folding

Clever technology!

House Folding Time Lapse Video

Phil’s First Attempt at Scything the Long Grass - a Short Example Clip

Phil has a lot to learn about this retro art!

Scything Novice

Drone Flyover of the Whole Site - Close View of the Foundations

A drone view of the whole site and in particular the concrete piers gives a nice overview of the development. I will do more of these at appropriate stages.

Drone views are nice!

LEV Drone View

Time Lapse Video of Steel Piers being Erected - Gantry Nearly Finished

Most of the piers have now been installed for the gantry - horizontal and diagonal steel bracing steel soon!

Another time-lapse video of the piers going up:

LEV House1 Gantry Erection TimeLapse