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One aspect of “Living Better and Living Longer” is diet and another is feeling in touch with Nature. I have been getting more and more interested in gardens over the years - both for growing things that make the environment more pleasant to be in and for growing things to eat. There is much evidence to show that quality and nutrition of commercial fruit and vegetables has been going down for some time and there is much evidence to show that growing your own food is much nicer and better for you - for a number of reasons.

Of course, most people don’t have the time or circumstances to do this. I am investigating growing various sorts of food plants in the village but, being an ex-biologist, I am also interested in preserving rare species while making good use of them in terms of landscaping in the village. To this end, today I visited the nice, friendly and supportive people here:

Weddin Community Native Nursery

and bought my first batch of native species to be planted as soon the building on the first house is completed - this time I got about 40 Acacia truncata or “Sawtooth Wattle” for bordering the land between the house and the street. I have started growing these wattles in my little house next to the LEV and I will move them from their pots as soon as I can after the building is finished.

See here:

WCNN’s plants

for plants I am looking at for other parts of the village. I think making and being in gardens is good for dealing with depression and anxiety and just very pleasant generally.